subject to change

Fr June 18 6-1a

Sa June 19 6-1a

Fr July 02 4-11p

Sa July 03 4-11p

Fr July 09 4-11p

The Auditorium

Bar & Lounge

GRAND OPENING JUNE 18, 6pm | June 19, 6pm

EVENT: 100 Years Ago Today - original comedy by Maria Novak 


To accompany our stage shows and performances we'll be serving golden-age cocktails, mid-century tiki drinks, our own modern creations, and a rotating selection of local craft beers and wines. Discover unique new flavors, stick to your favorite classics, or experience one of our alcohol-free creations. Coming soon when the time is right!

Drink list curated and served by

Village Spirit Cocktail Cooperative.

Photo by Christine Rooney